Wednesday, 25 January 2017

MAC Soft n Gentle Highlighter! Who else is lucky enough to own a MAC highlighter! its so pigmented, its great. A friend of mine bought this for me as a gift and I would never of even considered this highlighter as the queen of highlighters was supposedly Anastasia beverley Hills! I desperately wanted a glow kit from her collection however this is just as good! What other highlighters are as good as Anastasia Beverly Hills? or MAC even! hope you guys are having a great week! xxxx
FAVE lipstick at the moment! Its lime crime in the colour Salem. Does anyone else own one of these most talked about matte drying lipsticks? if so whats your opinion on them? At first I thought the lipstick was a tad too drying! I often had to keep re-applying the lipstick to keep my lips moisturised however the colour is so gorgeous and rich, I feel like the very dry matte texture can be excused! I also have the lime crime lipstick in Cashmere which is a lovely nude colour! Matte lipsticks are soo in right now! Sleek recently launched there new affordable matte lipsticks. Which matte lipstick brands are you guys wearing at the moment? Let me know! xxx

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Dove 'caring protection' and 'Deeply Nourishing' body wash!

I  have alway been a huge fan of Dove products! So when I got the chance to try these products I was immensely excited, and I am pleased to say I was not disappointed! As soon as I poured the rich and creamy body wash onto my flannel I was literally hypnotised by the beautiful smell! After a week of use there was a notable difference on how moisturised my skin was! I would spend ages moisturising in the mornings, these products have saved me so much time as my skin is already moisturised and just so soft. At the launch of these products we were shown an illustration of just how good the Dove body wash is to our skin. Two paper dolls were placed in front of us, this symbolised our skin. A small bit of the dove body was squeezed onto one of the dolls, we rubbed it in gently with our fingers. The paper dolls remained perfect, when the same was done on another paper doll with an alternative body wash product, the paper doll ripped quite a bit! This shows that the Dove body wash really does care and protect our skin. Many body wash products when used remove the bad as well as the good cells from our skin. Dove like many products does remove the bad dirty cells however at the same time keeping the good cells therefore the moisture is kept in! It really doesn't get much better than that! 

Soraya xxx

My Favourite No7 products!

I have been loving No7 products recently! I have picked my fave three! So firstly the No.7 rapid radiance balm, instant illusion this is PERFECT for a lazy day! there are so many days where I'm running late for work or just can't be asked to do my foundation routine, this radiance balm is the perfect substitution. Quickly apply and immediately the skin looks lifted! Second is the protect and perfect intense day cream. This I apply before the radiance balm. The protect and perfect day cream leaves my skin feeling moisturised and extremely soft. Finally the No.7 stay perfect lipstick, it is AMAZING! I literally wear this every day, the colour is Gay Geranium! It does stay perfect! however you will need a touch up after eating. This lippy is so universal, I can wear it on a night out or just day to day.    

Soraya xxx

Monday, 12 May 2014

Sigma Flat Kabuki - F80

Everyone needs that brush to apply their make up perfectly! I think the Sigma Flat Kabuki - F80 is great and does just that. You can have the best foundation, but if you haven't got the tools, you might as well not have a great foundation right? This brush costs around £19.50, it is defoo worth it if you want that flawless finish. I would normally use this brush to apply my liquid foundation and I think its the best makeup brush I've used so far.
Soraya xxxx

Seventeen - Tattoo Me - Liquid Eyeliner

Hey, sooooo this week i've been using, Seventeen - Tattoo Me - Semi Permanent Liquid Eyeliner. Im pleased to say, I have GRADUALLY grown to really like it. At first, I hated it, because the brush was difficult to use, it wasn't sturdy so I couldn't get a defined, neat line. I also wasn't fan because it was extremely difficult to get of, yes Im aware its semi permanent loool but you would have to invest in a very good eye makeup remover to get this off and rub really hard! HOWEVER after using it a few times I got used to the brush, and it became very very good for nights out! my liquid eyeliner remained perfect all night. I normally use Barry M and although this is very easy to apply, by the end of the night it would come off or it would smudge and I would end up looking like a panda! Soooo basically if you're a party animal (like myself) and you're out all night (like myself), this actually does last 48 hours and remains PERFECT! soooooo GO GET IT!! 
Soraya xxxx

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Seventeen - Phwoarr Paint

Hi all, okay so I just have to write about this amazing concealer. I Love it so much. Ive been wearing this for a while now, particularly on nights out and it literally stays perfect all night. I use this product under my eyes as concealer and also as a highlighter. It blends so well with my foundation, and really does have a perfect finish. I would definitely recommend this if you need a concealer that will last and stay perfect all day/night. I love this product! go and get it!

Soraya x