Saturday, 28 December 2013

Liebster Award

Hey everyone! hope you all had a very merry Christmas! So, I was nominated by Emily Jane to take part in the Liebster award. The Liebster award is where you nominate small blogs with less than 200 followers to answer questions about themselves, then nominate another small blog to do the same. If nominated you must answer the 11 questions that you were given by your nominator, write 11 random facts about yourself and then nominate 11 other blogs to be nominated for the award. 

The rules are… 

1. You must link back to the person who nominated you.
2. You must answer the 11 questions given by the nominee before you.
3. You pick 11 nominees with under 200 followers to answer your questions .
4. You cannot nominate the person who has nominated you.
5. You must tell the nominees that they have been nominated by you.

Emily Jane's questions are 
If you could only use one beauty product what would it be? erm, tricky question! would have to be my eyebrow pencil
Skirts or trousers? Skirt 
How would you describe your style? depends on my mood, sometimes chic and edgy or it can be just cool and street. I think 
what made you want to start a blog? My friend! Check out her amazing blog
Do you have any hobbies along side blogging? Yes I do! I love to sing and play the piano! :)
Is there anywhere in the world that you would most like to visit? OMG where do I start?! Japan, Thailand, Puerto rico and America. That was loads sorry lol
Favourite meal? I like most things, so thats a hard question! Fish and chips? 
Favourite high street shop? Topshop
If money was no object what would be the first thing you'd buy? a car! or I would just travel the world! :)
What are your aspirations for the future? Probably a musician? i dunno!  
Do you collect anything? Not really, Im often buying different shades of lipsticks? :) 

11 random facts about myself 

1. I Love to sing and play piano (I mentioned that already) haha 
2. I HATE theme park rides i.e. roller coasters ect…
3. My fave colour is pink
4. I have a fear of slugs 
5. My favourite musician is Amy Winehouse 
6. I hate germs, so much so that when Im on a bus I avoid touching the poles
and if someone sneezes or coughs I try not to breath it in. weird I know!
7. I am a shopaholic 
8. I love to buy jackets!
9. I LOVE cats
10. I enjoy winter 
11. I'm often told I have really tiny fingernails lol

Blogs I would like to nominate 

My Questions are!
1. What is your most valued beauty tip?
2. What can't you leave the house without?
3. First concert?  
4. Favourite television programme?
5. Any bad habits?
6. If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?
7. What are your hobbies?
8. Favourite perfume?
9. If you had to pick, what food would you live off forever?
10. How would you describe your style?
11. Do you have any aspirations? 

Monday, 30 September 2013

Moroccan Oil

Hey guys, this is Moroccan Oil, can be used for conditioning, styling and as heat protection. Ive been using this product for about a month now, I would say its pretty good, not amazing, but pretty good! The main reason I bought it was for heat protection as I am always straightening my hair! I normally would apply it before I straighten and after, apparently results are amazing if you apply it to wet hair, I'm yet to try that! But I would defo say I notice the difference after I straighten my hair because it leaves it glossy and shiny. As for heat protection, It was very difficult to notice a difference when compared to my other heat protection products and I'm not sure its worth £30! but all in all, its great when applied as the finishing product! Have you guys tried this? what do you think?

Soraya x

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Nail Ink

I am so in love with Nail Inc nail varnish. I have always loved their nail varnish so I was extremely excited when I had the privilege of going to their event! There new autumn / winter collection is great, the colours are warm and pleasant. One of the main reasons I am a fan of Nail Inc Nail varnish is due to great quality of their nail varnish. There is nothing worse than painting your nails, then having them chip or come of the following day! But investing in a good quality nail varnish, such as Nail Inc, will insure this is not the case. My favourite of the range is the gel effect polish, having tried the product it has a really nice shine to it and it is extremely easy to apply i.e no mess! Additionally the application brush is also pretty wide, so you don't have to do a million strokes before you've completed the nail! My mum is also a massive fan of Nail Inc! she says the nail varnish is long lasting and easy to apply! As mentioned earlier, I really think these colours are perfect for Autumn/ winter. As well as the amazing nail varnish, why not do something a little quirky and add some letters on to the nail, such as OMG or WHATEVES, whatever you fancy. I had some letters on mine and it looks super cute!

Soraya x

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Topshop trousers/Leggings

Hey guys! What do you think of these trousers from Topshop? I recently bought them from Topshop in oxford street for I think around £30. Which I do regret because when I went to the store a few weeks later they were on sale for a lot cheaper! I do however love these cute trousers, they are more like leggings actually! When I first bought them it took me ages to wear them because I just loved the trousers/leggings, I think they are super cute! I just did not know how to wear them, what exactly to wear it with. I didn't want to be boring and just wear it with a black or white top I wanted to do something a little different! In the end I wore it with a orange top! How would you guys wear them?

Soraya x

New: Mary Kay At Play

Check out the new Mary Kay at Play, these newly released colours are absolutely gorg! So far I am lucky enough to own, two Mary Kay At Play crayons the pink for the lips, dark blue for the eyes as well as some lovely eyeshadow in 3 great shades. So, I used the lip crayon when I went out shopping recently, and as I am sure you all know, when out for the day, its almost inevitable that we will need to touch up the lipstick, as it will obviously rub off when doing daily stuff such as eating. I would say the crayon lasts a lot longer than the ordinary lip product. The eye crayon is also extremely long lasting, so much so that it was very very difficult to remove. But I think we would prefer a eye crayon that is hard to come off, but lasts the whole night/day, rather than one that comes off way to easily right? The eye shadow is also great, my fave shade is the silver, I love the shimmer. It is easy to put on and easy to remove, I am however still trying to master the art of blending the eye shadow so it looks all professional! When I looked up Mary Kay At Play I was pleased to see there are so many fun, wacky and quirky colours. Great way to stand out on a night out! They are also pretty affordable, the crayons are £7.50 and the eye shadow palette is £8.00.

Soraya x

Monday, 29 July 2013

Atelier Cologne Event

 So last week I went to the Atelier Cologne Event, at the Liberty London Store! I must say the event was great! It was extremely informative, we didn't just go around smelling the scents, we were told about the history of the company and stories behind some of the scents. What segregates Atelier Cologne from many other perfumes is the fact that each of their perfumes has a character, a lovely story behind it. For example Bois Blonds, speaks of the beauty of the sun and the night sky, whilst Trefle Pur speaks of the wonderful feeling of luck! Atelier Cologne blends fresh citrus, rare or even unexpected extracts, such as Jamaican rum and blond wood. The Atelier Cologne scent is extremely unique as well as extremely long lasting. The cologne is packaged in French glass with hand made leather stoppers, looking gorgeous on ones dressing table! If I had to pick, my favourite scent would have to be the vanilla, the scent is just beautiful! but I  must stress there really is a scent for absolutely everyone! Go and check it out!

Soraya x

Friday, 26 July 2013

Prada - Candy

Hello all, I absolutely love this perfume! it is Prada - Candy! I first smelt the scent in a department store, I sprayed it on my hand, smelt it (obviously) and initially wasn't that crazy about the smell. However as with many perfumes once the scent has settled unto the skin, the smell can completely change or improve. After an hour or so I smelt again and I genuinely fell in love! Its absolutely lovely! If anyone, like me tends to go for more sweeter scents, then I would recommend this lovely perfume, Prada candy. Its long lasting, so I am sure you'll be receiving many compliments when you put this on!

Soraya x

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

MaxFactor Mascara

Anyone else struggled to find a good mascara? I have had so many mascara's, I've just never stuck to a particular one! A mascara that adds volume as well as length? I still think I am in the process of finding the perfect mascara! In the mean time I think I can settle for this, Max Factor, False Lash effect, Clump Defy mascara. This mascara is great because there are in fact no clumps at all! nothing worse than clumpy mascara! If you want volume and not necessarily length, then go and get this mascara! Lashes with volume and no clumps. If I can remember correctly this mascara was about £10.99 from Superdrug. Best mascara I've tried so far, I will definitely try the other variations of Max Factor and keep you posted! 

Soraya x


Hello! This is Dermalogica, a skin care product for over 25 years! I only recently discovered Dermalogica, I would say it is pretty underrated. I have literally used every skin care product under the sun, from Clearasil to Simple. I have found it very difficult to find something that works for me as I have very sensitive and oily skin. However after having a sudden outbreak of spots my mum suggested I try Dermalogica. Initially it took ages to work, I felt like giving up on the product! but after a bit of persistence, doing the same routine everyday for about 3 months there was a notable difference. I found that in order for Dermalogica to be effective it is important to stick to the routine, although it can become pretty gruelling. If you would like to try the product I would suggest popping down to your local Dermalogica  store, getting a skin analysis from one of the skin specialists, they can then suggest which product would be most suitable for your skin! Go and give it a go! 

Soraya x

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Mac, Russian Red Lipstick

Okay, so when I spoke to the sales assistant in the Mac cosmetics store, Mac, Russian Red lipstick was apparently one of there best sellers. So I'm pretty sure there are a number of people out there that own this and are aware of how versatile and perfect it is! Mac, Russian red is just perfect for casual wear, such as a day out shopping or even a night out in town? what about a sophisticated dinner at a sophisticated restaurant! Absolutely anything! Its also not one of those colours that only suit certain people or a certain skin tone! I think Russian Red is for absolutely everyone. It is however on the pricey side at £14 but I would say it is well worth it.  Red lipstick is just one of those beauty essentials every girl must own! Go and get it!

Soraya :)

Barry M nail varnish

As you can see I have extremely short nails! I hate having long nails so I normally don't paint them as I think nail varnish looks more flattering on longer nails. But this colour I couldn't resist. its Barry M nail varnish, I would describe the colour as a sort of lime green. The colour is absolutely perfect for this AMAZING summer we have been having, its so bright and a sort of happy colour? (if you can describe nail varnish like that). It also looks great on toe nails, makes the feet look very pretty LOL!
Love this colour, would defo recommend!

Soraya :) 


Hello! I'm sure everyone is aware of the Ray-Ban craze going on at the moment! Everyone I see seems to own a pair! its crazy. I normally hate to follow fashion, but these Ray bans I genuinely couldn't help it. They're just perfect, dress them up with a cute dress or dress them down, look cool with a top knot and converses. Not only are they stylish and on trend but they have polarised lenses, which means they reduce glare as too much UV radiation can cause eye problems. The sunglasses also fold up therefore are easy to take everywhere and do not take up room in your bag. I would definitely recommend getting these! 

Soraya :)

Monday, 17 June 2013

First Blog

Hello! Welcome to my blog, here is my first blog! I have a HUGE interest in fashion and beauty and thought it would be extremely fun to post reviews on some of the bits and bobs that I buy. I have found that reading other blogs has allowed me to make informed decisions when buying new stuff, things that I would have never in a million years considered of buying. I love to try new things, why not make it fun by writing about what I think of them. Hope you enjoy my up coming posts!

Soraya :)