Monday, 29 July 2013

Atelier Cologne Event

 So last week I went to the Atelier Cologne Event, at the Liberty London Store! I must say the event was great! It was extremely informative, we didn't just go around smelling the scents, we were told about the history of the company and stories behind some of the scents. What segregates Atelier Cologne from many other perfumes is the fact that each of their perfumes has a character, a lovely story behind it. For example Bois Blonds, speaks of the beauty of the sun and the night sky, whilst Trefle Pur speaks of the wonderful feeling of luck! Atelier Cologne blends fresh citrus, rare or even unexpected extracts, such as Jamaican rum and blond wood. The Atelier Cologne scent is extremely unique as well as extremely long lasting. The cologne is packaged in French glass with hand made leather stoppers, looking gorgeous on ones dressing table! If I had to pick, my favourite scent would have to be the vanilla, the scent is just beautiful! but I  must stress there really is a scent for absolutely everyone! Go and check it out!

Soraya x

Friday, 26 July 2013

Prada - Candy

Hello all, I absolutely love this perfume! it is Prada - Candy! I first smelt the scent in a department store, I sprayed it on my hand, smelt it (obviously) and initially wasn't that crazy about the smell. However as with many perfumes once the scent has settled unto the skin, the smell can completely change or improve. After an hour or so I smelt again and I genuinely fell in love! Its absolutely lovely! If anyone, like me tends to go for more sweeter scents, then I would recommend this lovely perfume, Prada candy. Its long lasting, so I am sure you'll be receiving many compliments when you put this on!

Soraya x

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

MaxFactor Mascara

Anyone else struggled to find a good mascara? I have had so many mascara's, I've just never stuck to a particular one! A mascara that adds volume as well as length? I still think I am in the process of finding the perfect mascara! In the mean time I think I can settle for this, Max Factor, False Lash effect, Clump Defy mascara. This mascara is great because there are in fact no clumps at all! nothing worse than clumpy mascara! If you want volume and not necessarily length, then go and get this mascara! Lashes with volume and no clumps. If I can remember correctly this mascara was about £10.99 from Superdrug. Best mascara I've tried so far, I will definitely try the other variations of Max Factor and keep you posted! 

Soraya x


Hello! This is Dermalogica, a skin care product for over 25 years! I only recently discovered Dermalogica, I would say it is pretty underrated. I have literally used every skin care product under the sun, from Clearasil to Simple. I have found it very difficult to find something that works for me as I have very sensitive and oily skin. However after having a sudden outbreak of spots my mum suggested I try Dermalogica. Initially it took ages to work, I felt like giving up on the product! but after a bit of persistence, doing the same routine everyday for about 3 months there was a notable difference. I found that in order for Dermalogica to be effective it is important to stick to the routine, although it can become pretty gruelling. If you would like to try the product I would suggest popping down to your local Dermalogica  store, getting a skin analysis from one of the skin specialists, they can then suggest which product would be most suitable for your skin! Go and give it a go! 

Soraya x

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Mac, Russian Red Lipstick

Okay, so when I spoke to the sales assistant in the Mac cosmetics store, Mac, Russian Red lipstick was apparently one of there best sellers. So I'm pretty sure there are a number of people out there that own this and are aware of how versatile and perfect it is! Mac, Russian red is just perfect for casual wear, such as a day out shopping or even a night out in town? what about a sophisticated dinner at a sophisticated restaurant! Absolutely anything! Its also not one of those colours that only suit certain people or a certain skin tone! I think Russian Red is for absolutely everyone. It is however on the pricey side at £14 but I would say it is well worth it.  Red lipstick is just one of those beauty essentials every girl must own! Go and get it!

Soraya :)

Barry M nail varnish

As you can see I have extremely short nails! I hate having long nails so I normally don't paint them as I think nail varnish looks more flattering on longer nails. But this colour I couldn't resist. its Barry M nail varnish, I would describe the colour as a sort of lime green. The colour is absolutely perfect for this AMAZING summer we have been having, its so bright and a sort of happy colour? (if you can describe nail varnish like that). It also looks great on toe nails, makes the feet look very pretty LOL!
Love this colour, would defo recommend!

Soraya :) 


Hello! I'm sure everyone is aware of the Ray-Ban craze going on at the moment! Everyone I see seems to own a pair! its crazy. I normally hate to follow fashion, but these Ray bans I genuinely couldn't help it. They're just perfect, dress them up with a cute dress or dress them down, look cool with a top knot and converses. Not only are they stylish and on trend but they have polarised lenses, which means they reduce glare as too much UV radiation can cause eye problems. The sunglasses also fold up therefore are easy to take everywhere and do not take up room in your bag. I would definitely recommend getting these! 

Soraya :)