Monday, 29 July 2013

Atelier Cologne Event

 So last week I went to the Atelier Cologne Event, at the Liberty London Store! I must say the event was great! It was extremely informative, we didn't just go around smelling the scents, we were told about the history of the company and stories behind some of the scents. What segregates Atelier Cologne from many other perfumes is the fact that each of their perfumes has a character, a lovely story behind it. For example Bois Blonds, speaks of the beauty of the sun and the night sky, whilst Trefle Pur speaks of the wonderful feeling of luck! Atelier Cologne blends fresh citrus, rare or even unexpected extracts, such as Jamaican rum and blond wood. The Atelier Cologne scent is extremely unique as well as extremely long lasting. The cologne is packaged in French glass with hand made leather stoppers, looking gorgeous on ones dressing table! If I had to pick, my favourite scent would have to be the vanilla, the scent is just beautiful! but I  must stress there really is a scent for absolutely everyone! Go and check it out!

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