Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Hello! This is Dermalogica, a skin care product for over 25 years! I only recently discovered Dermalogica, I would say it is pretty underrated. I have literally used every skin care product under the sun, from Clearasil to Simple. I have found it very difficult to find something that works for me as I have very sensitive and oily skin. However after having a sudden outbreak of spots my mum suggested I try Dermalogica. Initially it took ages to work, I felt like giving up on the product! but after a bit of persistence, doing the same routine everyday for about 3 months there was a notable difference. I found that in order for Dermalogica to be effective it is important to stick to the routine, although it can become pretty gruelling. If you would like to try the product I would suggest popping down to your local Dermalogica  store, getting a skin analysis from one of the skin specialists, they can then suggest which product would be most suitable for your skin! Go and give it a go! 

Soraya x

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