Saturday, 20 July 2013

Mac, Russian Red Lipstick

Okay, so when I spoke to the sales assistant in the Mac cosmetics store, Mac, Russian Red lipstick was apparently one of there best sellers. So I'm pretty sure there are a number of people out there that own this and are aware of how versatile and perfect it is! Mac, Russian red is just perfect for casual wear, such as a day out shopping or even a night out in town? what about a sophisticated dinner at a sophisticated restaurant! Absolutely anything! Its also not one of those colours that only suit certain people or a certain skin tone! I think Russian Red is for absolutely everyone. It is however on the pricey side at £14 but I would say it is well worth it.  Red lipstick is just one of those beauty essentials every girl must own! Go and get it!

Soraya :)


  1. I love this colour, I couldn't pull off a red but this is perfect.

  2. Looks like a lovely colour.. I agree red lipstick is a beauty essential.. I have only tries ruby woo, but gotta try this one..

    1. Hey, it really is a nice colour, pretty similar to ruby woo! would suggest you give it a go! x