Saturday, 17 August 2013

Topshop trousers/Leggings

Hey guys! What do you think of these trousers from Topshop? I recently bought them from Topshop in oxford street for I think around £30. Which I do regret because when I went to the store a few weeks later they were on sale for a lot cheaper! I do however love these cute trousers, they are more like leggings actually! When I first bought them it took me ages to wear them because I just loved the trousers/leggings, I think they are super cute! I just did not know how to wear them, what exactly to wear it with. I didn't want to be boring and just wear it with a black or white top I wanted to do something a little different! In the end I wore it with a orange top! How would you guys wear them?

Soraya x

New: Mary Kay At Play

Check out the new Mary Kay at Play, these newly released colours are absolutely gorg! So far I am lucky enough to own, two Mary Kay At Play crayons the pink for the lips, dark blue for the eyes as well as some lovely eyeshadow in 3 great shades. So, I used the lip crayon when I went out shopping recently, and as I am sure you all know, when out for the day, its almost inevitable that we will need to touch up the lipstick, as it will obviously rub off when doing daily stuff such as eating. I would say the crayon lasts a lot longer than the ordinary lip product. The eye crayon is also extremely long lasting, so much so that it was very very difficult to remove. But I think we would prefer a eye crayon that is hard to come off, but lasts the whole night/day, rather than one that comes off way to easily right? The eye shadow is also great, my fave shade is the silver, I love the shimmer. It is easy to put on and easy to remove, I am however still trying to master the art of blending the eye shadow so it looks all professional! When I looked up Mary Kay At Play I was pleased to see there are so many fun, wacky and quirky colours. Great way to stand out on a night out! They are also pretty affordable, the crayons are £7.50 and the eye shadow palette is £8.00.

Soraya x