Monday, 30 September 2013

Moroccan Oil

Hey guys, this is Moroccan Oil, can be used for conditioning, styling and as heat protection. Ive been using this product for about a month now, I would say its pretty good, not amazing, but pretty good! The main reason I bought it was for heat protection as I am always straightening my hair! I normally would apply it before I straighten and after, apparently results are amazing if you apply it to wet hair, I'm yet to try that! But I would defo say I notice the difference after I straighten my hair because it leaves it glossy and shiny. As for heat protection, It was very difficult to notice a difference when compared to my other heat protection products and I'm not sure its worth £30! but all in all, its great when applied as the finishing product! Have you guys tried this? what do you think?

Soraya x

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Nail Ink

I am so in love with Nail Inc nail varnish. I have always loved their nail varnish so I was extremely excited when I had the privilege of going to their event! There new autumn / winter collection is great, the colours are warm and pleasant. One of the main reasons I am a fan of Nail Inc Nail varnish is due to great quality of their nail varnish. There is nothing worse than painting your nails, then having them chip or come of the following day! But investing in a good quality nail varnish, such as Nail Inc, will insure this is not the case. My favourite of the range is the gel effect polish, having tried the product it has a really nice shine to it and it is extremely easy to apply i.e no mess! Additionally the application brush is also pretty wide, so you don't have to do a million strokes before you've completed the nail! My mum is also a massive fan of Nail Inc! she says the nail varnish is long lasting and easy to apply! As mentioned earlier, I really think these colours are perfect for Autumn/ winter. As well as the amazing nail varnish, why not do something a little quirky and add some letters on to the nail, such as OMG or WHATEVES, whatever you fancy. I had some letters on mine and it looks super cute!

Soraya x