Monday, 12 May 2014

Seventeen - Tattoo Me - Liquid Eyeliner

Hey, sooooo this week i've been using, Seventeen - Tattoo Me - Semi Permanent Liquid Eyeliner. Im pleased to say, I have GRADUALLY grown to really like it. At first, I hated it, because the brush was difficult to use, it wasn't sturdy so I couldn't get a defined, neat line. I also wasn't fan because it was extremely difficult to get of, yes Im aware its semi permanent loool but you would have to invest in a very good eye makeup remover to get this off and rub really hard! HOWEVER after using it a few times I got used to the brush, and it became very very good for nights out! my liquid eyeliner remained perfect all night. I normally use Barry M and although this is very easy to apply, by the end of the night it would come off or it would smudge and I would end up looking like a panda! Soooo basically if you're a party animal (like myself) and you're out all night (like myself), this actually does last 48 hours and remains PERFECT! soooooo GO GET IT!! 
Soraya xxxx


  1. Lovely review!